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3) If you haven't seen Red Cliff yet (and there's no reason why you should have), keep an eye out for it. It's a two-part flick in which John Woo escapes from Hollywood and starts making good movies again. Beautifully made. Fun to watch. 4.5 hours in total.

2) I freakin' adore my little girl! It's still surreal seeing her crawling around and thinking 'I really am a father!' I can't wait to hear what she has to say :D

1) I'm in love with my Motorola Droid. Now, people call it the "iphone killer"....I hate people. The iphone is pretty great. The Droid is pretty great too. If you are the type of person who likes to fiddle with the way things look and work, get an android phone. If you want things simple, unbreakable, and generally unchangeable, go with an iphone...but I digress. Fact of the matter is, this phone is beautiful. It's good to have a new toy.

So long......

So long I've had this journal.
Over 9 years.
Looking back is like staring into an abyss of madness, sleep deprivation, and odwalla.

My mind went to the places it can really only go when you are sleeping less than 20 hours a week without the assistance of psychotropics or stimulants (though I reserve the right to omit any and all mention of bronchodilators...........and psychotropics).

It's funny how
when your mind stops racing
and your eyes stop darting so much
you really start to find a calm
that can soothe those
whose minds are racing
and eyes are darting

My Gnome's comment: "If someone told me 9 years ago that this guy would be fathering my baby, I would have been scared for my life."

I don't believe her. I think she would have said, "Who is that sexy fucking MADMAN!?!?!?"

I've gotta go now. People are video taping me.....in my spaceship.


I need one of these for my right shoulder...

God, I haven't posted here in ages...and when I do it tends to focus mainly on how many eons have passed since I've written anything *grin*

Well, baby girl is five months old and cute as can be. My Gnome is older than that but still cute as can be. And I'm older still and horrifically drooling while simultaneously gnashing my teeth and spouting stark-raving-mad tales about cucumbers revealing the secrets of the universe if only people would listen!

Hey, at least I think my homicidal phase is passing....well, at least when I'm not driving. I still want to run every Prius I see off the road. They must have had a super sale on those here or something because more crappy drivers drive those things than any other car on the road.

I'm making friends with the deer here. The 6-point buck lets me get about 2 feet from him before standing up and walking off. The turkeys, on the other hand,continue to vex me. Yes, I'm terribly vexed regarding the turkeys. They confound me so!

Last night I dreamed that I was in a swimming pool with a man who looked like Gordie La Forge (sans visor which makes him look much more like a pedophile) and his Border Collie. I was upset because there was no Sleepytime tea for me to drink and he wouldn't stop talking to me. Next thing I knew I was picking blackberries in Santa Cruz with my Gnome and baby girl. My Gnome leaned in to pick a berry, Téa got stuck by a thorn, and suddenl the baby was pulled right out of the carrier and into the swimming pool. I jumped in to save her but the dog already had her in it's mouth, carrying her to the side and my Gnome's arms. Good dog.

My Gnome grabbed Téa, turned to me and said, "That was pretty swanky!"

"What was?" I replied.

"It's 8:00...."

And I woke up. I took a 30 minute shower that made me late for work....well, later than I like to be there. My schedule is flexible. I love long showers in the morning =D

So yeah:

My mother-in-law is freakin' insane.
King fuckin' TUT!
Great Fuckin' America!
Lake Donner.
Santa Cruz.
Video games.
Reality TV is more addictive than smoking.
Haven't had a cigarette in a very long time.
I don't miss it.
Haven't smoked weed in a very long time.
I miss it a little ;)
Overall, life is pretty great...
...love, laughter, LIBERTY!

Yep. Glamor and glitter, fashion and fame, bitches!

Oh Best Beloved....

Calatéa on her first birthday (about 12-14 hours old).......pretty as her mother...and that's sayin' something.

She is a dream. Born 5 lbs., 12 ozs., 19", and cute as cute can be :D Generally happy, not very fussy, never cries, and she has my hands ;)

8 days later, she is up to 6 lbs., starting to hold her head up all by herself, and stirring in her bassinet as I type. Soon she will awaken and need to FEEEEEEEED.

(For the record, I love our baby monitor)

This one's for you....

...Bratling Pixie.

Though it feels odd to reward you for calling somethingawful a shock site (which I don't quite understand) and 4chan funny (which I understand slightly even though a lot of their stuff comes from SA originally), I am going to do just that. Here ya go, miss ya lots, enjoy :)

Holla-saurus rex

Life ain't no free ride on no pink duck

Ze cupcakes! ZEY TAUNT ME SO!

The potential to reconnect with an old friend can really put a smile on your face. It's good because I've been going a little crazy figuring out all the baby stuff we need. It took me a week to pick out a camera. That's one thing. I have a whole lot more than that. I have a feeling I'm being way too Jewish about the whole thing and would probably end up being happy enough with pretty much any of the choices I've found. There's just this stupid part of me that needs to research everything fully, understand every aspect of every product, and make the PERFECT decision.

I really piss me off sometimes. Maybe I'm too quick to blame the Jewey side of me when I should be taking a long hard stare at the indecisive Libra side instead. Sorry, Jew blood :(

Additionally, I have to finish unpacking us, find space for everything, buy bookshelves and dressers, do 10,000 more loads of laundry, clean the house since it's been in disarray for 2 weeks, cook meals at night, find time for the gym, massage my Gnome's feet, hands, legs, scalp, and back, and kill happy cartoony characters on my laptop with friends. Color me swamped and dye me periwinkle.

On a different note, my plan for getting the largest tax refund in the history of me seems to be working out beyond my expectations. I love it when a plan comes together.


We went to a birthing class for 7 hours yesterday. Much was discussed and, at the end, the 'professor' showed us all a movie of an actual C-Section.


It had the same effect on us all as Red Asphalt does on traffic school attendees. I kind of understand why they show this but jesus. Maybe it's just me. Those live surgery shows always used to sicken me. Whatever the case, imagining my Gnome being the one getting "cut" didn't help at all. My advise to anyone having a baby: WALK THE HELL OUT IF ANYONE TRIES TO SHOW YOU THIS! Some things are better left described before you do them rather than seen.

On a positive note, there's no real reason to think we will need one. Everything is good. Bebe is kicking, hiccuping, and doing somersaults. We are getting moved in little by little. Happiness abound!

Taking lemons and making cheesecake

New home

Moved in. Legs hurt. So nice. Hawks, wild turkeys, deer, raccoons, skunks, cats, trees, hiking paths, washer/dryer, fireplace, closet space, water pressure, private water heater, privacy, top floor, parking, nice neighbors, joy.

Internet gets hooked up tomorrow. Need to hire a maid to clean our old apt. and a steam cleaner for the carpets. Need to get renters insurance for our new place. Need to change addresses with all mah stuff. Need to make a hearty soop for mine lover.

ees eet gud?


Shut up, you...

I can enjoy a Christina Aguilera album if I want to!

That's right, I am full blood boricua, bitches. Now whut!

mental note: I have yet to even drink the blood of a full blood boricua, much less actually be full of boricua blood.

Open letter to the techno-peeps

So I am quickly joining the minority of my friends and loved ones in the iPhone department. I invented a new word to sum up my distaste for how some people are using these spiffy new devices:

Internetiquette - a prescribed or accepted code of usage in matters of youtube, wikipedia, and other online features when engaged in a public or social setting or situation.

It's starting to piss me off that people with iPhones will be talking to me and then just pull out their iPhone to look up the answer to a random rambling curiosity on wiki-fucking-pedia. Yes, it's cool you have the internet at your fingertips. I could probably call someone on my phone and find out the answer but, guess what, I don't because it would be rude to disengage from the current conversation to do so. I don't care about having Sartre's answer to our existential quandary at this moment. I'd rather keep the flow of conversation going and see where we end up. If the curiosity remains, we can look it up later just like I wouldn't run off to find a dictionary to look up proper usage of the word 'sardonic' or the term 'deus ex machina' (not that I'd need to in either case but you get the point).

I don't remember how long it took people to comprehend that using cell phones could be rude but most of us realized it long before it was considered a social taboo. For some reason, I guess people don't consider browsing the internet while talking to you rude because they are still talking to you but, guess what, it's pretty freakin' irritating.

Those of you with iPhones and similar devices, use a little internetiquette and save your mobile browsings for the appropriate time.

Thank you.

Moving & Baby

So, I found that when I planned our move for the 15th, I was looking at last month and expected it on a Sunday. Turns out it's THIS FREAKIN' THURSDAY! Enter the rushing like mad to pack up our entire collection of random stuff and 3936523489756 lbs. of books in a mere 3-4 days. We started this weekend but didn't have enough boxes to really make a significant dent (grabbing more from work today since they are free). Next few nights will be the mad pack, yo.

We found my Gnome's old mannequin that we made ourselves way back when so that she could model clothing to her shape instead of just guessing. It's pretty funny, actually. She has grown a lot for her but, since holding up the mannequin is like holding up the figure of a 12 year old girl, she really doesn't really look as far along as she is. 7 months would make most women huuuuuge but she is probably a size 5. The don't really make maternity clothing small enough for her but she can get away with wearing size (extra-)small pants that are meant for women a couple/few months behind her or size small stretchy maternity sweat pants.

Definitely feeling the "GET OUT OF MAH BELLAY!" vibe a lot more now though. Mah girl (mah leetle girl) had now foudn a profound joy in punching my Gnome in the ovaries and stretching out so that she is rubbing on Gnome's hip socket (or something thereabouts).

Luckily I, in my infinite wisdom and limitless calm, seem to act as a natural tranquilizer when I put my hand on her belly. Within minutes, baby is pacified and settled. I should really rent out my services...could probably make a fortune and The Fetus Whisperer. Get my own reality TV show and everything :P

and there was much rejoicing

I had a dream last night that my hair was growing so fast that I was being smothered by it. Woke up by falling out of bed thrashing.

This morning, I stared at he redwood tree outside for quite some time. I will miss that tree and the face it shows us.

I always seem to find myself wanting weird pets...sugar gliders are cute but impractical. Chinchillas a soft and cute but still twitchy and a dust bath in my house is the last thing I need. Ferrets are cute and cuddly but get into everything and stink unless you have their scent glands removed (also are illegal in California). Pygmy Marmosets would be great but obtaining them is no simple feat. A fox would be cute but is more likely to result in snarling hurting pain time than snuggle time. Fish are just boring. Sorry, fish people, they're freakin' boring. A penguin would be cute but the need for water and the single bathroom in our new place would cause conflicts I would rather avoid. A bintourong is slightly cute and has a prehensile bushy tail but is also kind of just a bear and likely not child friendly...not to mention the problem of feeding habits, exercise, and the natural warm popcorn smell it emits. I could get another bearded dragon but it's not quite the companion I'm desiring.

I think the solution here is definitely to wait but I've always enjoying speculating about my perfect pet. I'm still thinking the trenchcoat full of trained attack pygmy marmosets is my best bet and it's truly unfair that such a thing will never come to pass.

Keep dreaming, Judas, keep dreaming....

In other news...

Oakland is a pretty fucked up place right now. I'll just never quite understand the "get even with the system by destroying our neighbor's stuff" concept.

Riot in downtown Oakland? The only people they hurt were already on their side. You'd think they'd at least go to someone else's neighborhood before they start breaking shit...hell, the whole thing started in a BART station. They could have gone anywhere.


So our kitties are in a new home now. I miss them terribly already.

I woke up this morning and just sat on the love seat where there bed used to be and watched the sun come up. We really need to start packing now to make the house completely empty instead of so specifically empty. Right now it just feels like a warmth is gone but it's chair has still retained some of it's heat.

Heh, I suppose I'm saying that if our kitties had a sock drawer, I'd be curled up in it right now *smirk*

I had been so long without a good solid non-rodent mammal pet before them that I think I had forgotten how good it feels to have a four-legged companion. We will have a baby girl soon enough but that's very different even though it's usually people's response; "Oh, but you'll have a baby soon enough, right?" as if that's the equivalent of having a dog.

Maybe in a year I can convince our landlady that we are clean enough people and good enough tenants to get a dog. I won't hold my breath on that since our landlady is "the reason my mother fled this county screaming and never looked back" personified.

She eased up a little after she was treating me like a child who didn't know anything about the world while I was signing our lease and I asked her, "How old do you think I am?" I think she realized she was explaining things that didn't need to be explained and reminding me of things I didn't need to be reminded about...treating me like I was 18 and fresh out of momma's house.

Anyway, enough self pity for one day. Time to do some work :D

New year, new house, new phase, new bee


So I am combining forces with another Eljay™ amiga in order to increase our will to post....well, not really but I'm hoping to get a poke every now and then in I go too long without writing here. I've tried various paper journals over he past few years. I've tried to give a damn about Facebook and failed miserably for the most part. Nothing seems to get me writing like this place and so, as my alternate personalities as my witnesses, I WILL WRITE MORE HERE!

(he says)

I move in 10 days to a new place that is basically the same as my current place only I will no longer be able to walk to work, I will pay a little more (about 3x a 2 story house's mortgage in Minnesota), and we will have a washing machine/dryer & a fireplace. The location is pretty nice; kind of close to the freeway but I could barely hear it, honestly. There are woods, a beautifully large Oak, picnic spots, deer, and raccoons.

I went to Duluth, Minnesota for Xmas and med all (well, all that really matters) of my Gnome's family. Her dad was really cool even if he meets the sunrise with a Jack & Coke. Her brother seems incredibly more stable than when I first met him. His girl was a lot like my Gnome so we got along fine. Her new nephew was terribly cute and such a good baby (what is it about Libra babies that make us rock so hard?). Her mother was a little odd. She seems like she has such a good heart....it's just a pity that her children don't get to see it like strangers and friends do. I don;t know what it is about the woman but she strikes me as a child who is 50% concerned with her own happiness and image, 30% concerned with her friends and other family, and 20% goes to her children.

We are also having some trouble finding a home for our kitties :( Enough trouble that we've had to resort to a craigslist ad even though I really didn't want to have to give them to a complete stranger...but with only 10 days left, we are running out of options. Breaking my heart thinking they won't be in my house :(

I also don't know how long it will be before I can rescue a puppy. Dogs are my dream pets but finding a place to rent in the bay area that is dog friendly is an incredibly difficult task. Well, baby first, dog second.

Speaking of which, my Gnome weighs 106lbs.! So proud :P Our little girl is looking strong and kicking hard. My Gnome is enervated, grumpy at the drop of a hat, and ready to weigh 85lbs. again. We are still great and happy though. I keep her well massaged and entertained when she needs to sit down for a while....which is often.

For her winter gift, I got her a Canon Powershot G10 (complete with 16GB SD card) and it rules. She's been taking a few pictures and learning how to use it but I imagine once she has her body to herself again, she will be more happy exploring and finding fun places to play with it.

As for me, I've been feeling pretty good. I feel like I am in desperate need of a good solid non-geeky hobby. Problem is, I have little to no idea what that might be. I don't really like creating art, I want to be away from the computer, and I have no real space to claim as my own for whatever kind of manly handy-man projects I might want to begin learning.

Basically, I'm a little bored and, baby notwithstanding, I kind of need something to occupy my time. I'm thinking about grabbing my guitar out of storage and picking it up again and just giving the violin to my leetle one when she is old enough to hold it (if she wants it). Honestly, I would love to hone my photoshop skills and start rendering images with Max Powers but thats just more computer stuff and, if I'm sitting at a computer while not at work, I'd honestly rather be playing games on it than making photorealistic pictures. It's a shame really but, hey, I may as well be honest with myself ;)

I wonder if I can play guitar without wanting a cigarette.

Nov. 20th, 2008

Playin' with my Gmail themes.....those guys at Google are really damn cool :D
Oh yeah, also we are having a daughter in March.


My Gnome is a size 3 now! Gettin' big, she is ;) I don't think she's broken 100lbs. yet but she's working on it. It's funny because she still looks like a normal girl for the most part even though she is actually coming up on 20 weeks pregnant. She worries that she isn't big enough but I think going from a size double zero being too big (more often than not) to a size 3 is nothing to shrug at.

I'd post a picture of the baby pump but she is shy and doesn't want her belly on the interblag so NO BELLY FOR YOU!

As far as everything else goes, we were considering moving into this little 3 bedroom/1 bathroom cottagey place downtown with an enclosed grassy backyard. Unfortunately, the place is $2200/month (jesus fucking christ, bay area!) so we are most likely skipping it. I wonder how far $2200 would get you in Thailand or India...here it gets you a month in a rather nice smallish house before utilities and electricity. I love living in this area but it's really unfortunate that so much money has to go towards just the living part.

As far as our kitties go, we are thinking that we need to let them go to a home where the soon-to-be dad isn't allergic to them. I wash my hands about 20-30 times a night because they are cute and I like petting them and/or snuggling with them but then cat gets in my eyes and the world turns evil. Hopefully we can find a good home for them. I won't put them in a shelter (although this one looked like a nice place) because it will just kill my heart to think of them not being loved up on a nightly basis...who am I kidding? It's gonna kill me just to let the go. I love my little ones :(

Overall, ees eet gud? Oui.

once again...

My cat can eat a WHOLE watermelon!


It's the first day, possibly in my entire lifetime, I can actually say "I'm proud to be an American" without a hint of sarcasm or cynicism.

I'm proud to be an American. Christ. Who would have ever thought one man could be so inspiring and simultaneously hold a position of political power? Kennedy? Roosevelt? I never knew them. My leaders have been Ford (the klutz), Carter (the nobody), Reagan (the senile actor), Bush (blood for oil part 1), Clinton (the blow job who can't figure out how to make a 'joint' work), and Baby Bush (Jesus tap dancing Christ). Not all horrible men but even the good ones certainly far from what I would call "iconic" or "immortal".

So why am I so proud? What is different? It's not that he's black. It's not that he's a democrat. It's not that he's a powerful speaker. It's not that he's presidential and cool under pressure. It's not that he cares. It's not that he looks forward to what we can become instead of where we've been. It's not that he sees that future as bright and hopeful. It's not that I believe him when he says he wants us to lead ourselves into his vision of what we can truly achieve.

It's all of this and more.

Tonight I sat and watched him blow off the past two years in favor of the next four as if they were nothing. Truth be told, they are nothing. Compared to the importance of the upcoming years, all this garbage that's been thrown around for 21 months is insignificant. Here is a man who isn't coddling us as if we are babes who can't handle the truth of the world, who isn't hiding facts and figures behind empty lies that can be seen through by anyone with half a brain and an internet connection, who isn't making it his goal to maintain the status quo just to keep things from getting worse.

No, our new leader is bold, caring, able, smooth, intelligent, well spoken, idealistic, young (for a president), aware, truthful, and completely eager to usher in a new era where our country can regain it's greatness that it has so hopelessly lost.

Hopelessness. I think that's what most of us felt and why so many of us were brought to tears by him tonight. I have never actually believed in America. Never. Not when I was a child. Not when I was a teen. Not ever. He makes me believe regardless of whether or not the goals are achievable...and here's the kicker: there isn't a goal on this earth that we cannot achieve if we believe in it and work towards.

So here I am, unable to sleep, and full of hope. Hope for the next 4-8 years, hope for my country, and a profound relief to be on the road to being viewed as a rational human being by other countries again.

I don't expect everything to change overnight. I don't even expect everything to change for the better. What I do expect is for the direction of our nation and the potential we are criminally wasting to be guided back on course by a man with vision and the ability to inspire hope in one so far gone as I.

Do I really think that that's enough? Do I really think that, armed only with a single inspiring leader, we can change the destination of the next 100 years?

Yes we can. Yes we will.



It shall have 4 operating systems on it and it shall be glorious. Angels will sing hymns to my glorious new work tool/toy and I shall name it BagOfSilver and we will drink Chai together euphorically.

I think this may be the first time I actually use BitTorrent for Linux *chuckle*

In other news, i was able to watch some Olympics this year (for the first time since high school) and I have to say I was terribly impressed with the Triple Jump event. The winning distance was over 17½ meters....which averages about 19-20 ft. per leap. Now, could be I never really thought about this event before or the fact that it was calculated in METERS rather than feet but Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ! These guys jump well over the length of my apartment in 3 (THREE!) jumps! It's pretty damn amazing what the human body can be conditioned to do.

im dancin' like a monkey!

1. I am now the proud owner of a $500 vacuum cleaner. It cleans like a charm...the cat room is finally kitty litter free.

2. Ptolemy is getting huge. Long cat is LOOOOOOOOOOOONG!

3. GTA 4 is eating my life raw.

4. Our fridge is chok-full of leftovers *RENEW! RENEW!*

5. I have a mocha...bad me.

6. Ees eet gud? Oui.

becoming a 3rd world country?


happy halloween, all!

still here
lovin' stuff
passin' the dutchie from coast to coast.

heh, makes me think of Ly.....

Oct. 1st, 2007

My friends rock the casbah.

My back, unfortunately, casbahs the rock.

I'm actually getting older soon! I wonder if that means people are going to start thinking of me as immature when I play whack-a-mole...nah, I still maintain that game if for all ages.

My niece (Quinn, let's call her) turned 21 last weekend and we celebrated on this little strip in bum-fuck nowhere that had enough bars to go "hopping" and a bunch of students for some inexplicable reason. She got hella drunk (y'all) and ended up slapping a random stranger in the face instead of giving him the high-5 she was intending. The main bar that we stayed at was being visited by the Jagermeister Girls™ who took an instant shine to Quinn, her being 21, cute, drunk, loud, and extremely happy about all 4 of those qualities. I really like her fiancé's family. His mother and grandmother came out with us and fit right in *laugh*

Good times...good times.

I just got back from Santa Cruz and, boy, is my brain tired *drums* But seriously, a good weekend with friends. My gnome crashed out for like 70% of our stay there *chuckle* and we ended up playing xbox (one of which I now proudly own and broke my internet with) and laughing a lot as always.

Now, as I return to work in my little second floor batcave, all becomes silent besides the sounds of air flowing through vents and the consistent clickity-clack of keys being pressed rapidly. I have Wed. off for my real b-day which I will hopefully spend somewhere along the Marin headlands with my gnome if the weather permits. She thought I called her a "pygmy dork" this morning to which I replied "no but can I change it to that?" Much argument was had about who owned the rights to "pygmy dork™©®" and I eventually conceded.......but I plan to secretly pirate the phrase anyway so I guess it doesn't really matter. ENJOY YOUR VICTORY WHILE IT LASTS, PYGMY DORK!

Back to the front!

Loud night...

Le Fleur!

So I live on that hill but was not evacuated. The flames were pretty freaky though. I finally went out to see what was going on after about 5 minutes of constant close sirens and looking out the window to see my neighbor watering her roof with a lawn sprinkler.

I emerged to see demon red smoke and flame rising over the trees up the hill . Luckily the wind was pushing it uphill and not down or I would have had to run back in for the mice....which led to some interesting thought of which I valued more, irreplaceable objects from our past of mice that probably don't even have another year left in them. Don't worry, I would have chosen mice. I may be a freak of sorts but I'm not enough of a monster that I could let my mice be burned alive just because they're getting old. And no, I don't think the fact that I had to think about it makes me a dick, thank you very much :P

Unfortunately my Gnome has our camera up in Mendocino so I didn't get pictures of the multiple fire retardant drops they made but I think my neighbor video taped the whole thing so I'll ask for a copy tomorrow.

There were three airplane fly-by's and there are still helicopters flying overhead. I have also been hearing chainsaws for the past hour or so, which I'm hoping are cutting trees and not some maniac who figures he can disguise his homicidal tendencies with current events.

Earlier on, I was hoping to see a couple news choppers crash into each other and relight the blaze (a sentiment I should have kept to myself judging by the disgusted stares I got from other watchers) but alas, they all managed to avoid each other :(

On another note, a mama spider managed to slip into our house and lay eggs. I now kill between 5-20 tiny spiders a day. This has been going on for over a week now *le sigh* At first I thought they were just babies but now I'm thinking that must be as big as they get since the ones I'm still killing are the same size as the ones we first found. God I hate spiders....and Tarsiers. I mean, what the fuck? Seriously!


Jun. 7th, 2007

there's too much fucking rainbow in the world these days >8^D

Well how about that.....

Yeah, they apparently went there.
Anyway, nice relaxing night tonight. Got to stay home alone (a good thing every once and a while) and just geek out at this weeks Smallville. I know, I know, I sicken myself too.........BUT I LOVE IT EVEN THOUGH IT SUCKS!!! *squeeeeee*
Still not really in journal mode much these days. I guess most of what I have to say, I say to my Gnome and don't really feel like repeating. I guess that's kind of just what happens, ne? Wow, don't even try to diagram that sentence. That sentence rocked and you know it.
Things are great.
Things are yummy.
Things rule.
Things and Stuff have been at war for centuries. Oh the blood they have spilt!!! Things happen, 'n Stuff retaliates. And then, just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, Events made it's move....
ps - Wtf is with the Rich text vs. strict HTML now? Has it been like this for a while? I can't post HTML in rich text and I have to format my entire entries in HTML mode. All I want to do is put a target=blank in my link and now I have to write the whole entry in CSS? Grrrrrr.....FINE!!!


ps- hi, journal o mine....been a while =D

fucking metal

Off to work!

Lurve :)

Sep. 14th, 2006

So the pictures I took of the spider didn't come out at all but the "good news" is it came back last night and built a somewhat smaller web. I say good new in quotes because I that thing is cool but I don't want it anywhere near our front door....which is pretty much where it's decided to make a home. I think it's trying to catch a "big fish", meaning us. Anyone know what kind of spider this is? I'd estimate it's about 1.5-2 inches from end to end, which is waaaaaaaay too big, imo.

Spider SenseCollapse )

I have tons more pictures of a couple occasions that I'll be posting today at some point (I have to remember to squeeze some work in here somewhere since I am technically at work *chuckle*) but I'll give you a teaser of our trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Most of these came out blurry due to the fact that our digital camera has no manual focus and auto-regulated shutter speed (so so sad) but i ended up with a number of pretty ok ones :)

Advice from the master....

"When you are describing a shape, or sound, or tint;
Don't state the matter plainly, but put it in a hint;
And learn to look at all things with a sort of mental squint."

-Lewis Carroll

Spiders, Diks, and Tjaps

Last night a spider the size of my palm build a pristine web the size of a wall outside our place. this morning there was no evidence it was ever there.....well, except for the pictures I took, that is.

Didn't have time to upload them last night and I'd imagine many didn't come out well since darkness + web + spider + flash are not the best combination. I'll try posting some tonight or tomorrow.

On another note, let's go ahead and add the African Dik-Dik to the list of creatures I want to have roaming around my back yard some day ;)

On the work front, I've been going crazy with these Tjaps. Every time we get a new shipment of them, the whole world explodes for some people. Usually they sell out in 1-3 days and the people who didn't get any (because there is only 1 of each type) call us up in tears/fits of anger/clouds of guilt/spitting spasms of....um....spit? It's never been as bad as the first time we got them in. We put 400 of them up for sale and left for the weekend....only to come in on Monday to 800 people who placed orders for them, many with 5 on their order and many wanting the same ones other people wanted.

The second shipment we got, we tried to do the whole "Ikea trick" of opening the doors at a given time and letting them fight it out......which crashed our website with a few thousand people hitting 'refresh' over and over again 5 minutes before "GO" time. Then people started calling in (quickly filling up our meager 15 lines) to tell us our site wasn't working and to ask if they could order one over the phone. If we could sum up that day and package it in 40 words or less so that anyone reading those words could understand the experience of being here, it would make a perfect dictionary definition for the word cluster-fuck.

This time we just put them up for sale, sent out an email, and are just letting people order them as they get the email. The unfortunate side of this is that I'll have to work from home tonight, updating our website to keep the stock status of these things current (so people don't order the same ones only to find out that, in light of what our website said, they get nothing).

Anyway, the orders are starting now so it's time for me to get busy...

Sep. 11th, 2006

My Interests Collage!Collapse )
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Strange. So it was a toss-up between picking the most horrific images it gave me (which were mostly porn, death, and Sanrio products.......which actually sums me up quite nicely, now that I think about it....well, without the porn...that's just the internet-ization of everyones interests) and the ones I thought were the neatest :P
Turns out the most horrific would have probably been a whole lot more interesting.....
In other news, our car is now getting a new door and a new fender attached to it so we are stuck with the rental car Farmer's Insurance set up for us....a Nissan Ultima. Now I'm sorry if this offends anyone out there but this car feels like the ultimate old person car. The thing reeks of elderly people (not literally, ya goober) and drives like a walker with side-view mirrors. Why anyone would choose to pay for one of these things is beyond me. You could land a fighter jet on it's dashboard, fer cryin' out loud.
anyway, we are stuck with it for a week while the work is done on my Honda so I guess we better just accept it and more on.....maybe driving 40-50 mph over a set of speed bumps over and over again will make me feel better about it.....


Our mouse died last night at 2am. We held her for over 6 hours while she breathed her last.


A vignette from grade school...

Man.....I forgot completely about how Thijson and I used to crawl into the closet where the light could be dimmed to almost nothing and play this game over and over.

.....I also remember a nightmare I had that his parakeet was like 10 feet tall and squeezing my in its beak until my eyes bugged out.


Aug. 24th, 2006

"I hope I'm not being forward but do you mind if I chew on your butt?"

Best pick-up line ever!

Sometimes I just love my job....

One of our customers used our stuff and made this.......THE PUFFER FISH OF PH333333333R!!!!!!

There's something....

...about people who dress up in bunny suits to make little movies that I just can't help but admire.
This is the most amazing Great White shark footage I think I've ever seen. I can only imagine witnessing it first hand...

......And I dont know if anyone else remembers those old National Geographics "Trials of Life" nature videos they tried to sell on late night 80's TV but I sure remember the Killer Whale scene.

Lastly, I just looooove Cheetahs...

Happy Saturday! :D


This is a new one....

Testing an embedded youtube vid.

just for fun ;)

God bless America!

Some things are just too horrific. This is the Cthulu of the south. Available for a limited time only since it will likely be deemed illegal due to the sheer number of lives/arteries it will take.

Pheer the Chalupa Hamdog....


Alas :(

sad news....

with all the sadness and trauma going on in the world at the moment, it is worth reflecting on the death of a very important person, which almost went unnoticed.

Larry LaPrise, the man that wrote "The Hokey Pokey" died peacefully at the age of 83. the most traumatic part for his family was getting him into the coffin. they put his left leg in. thats when the trouble started.

shut up. you know its funny.


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